Dental Services and Prices

Dental examination, diagnostics


In order to provide the most appropriate treatment we have to draw the exact diagnosis. In our dental center we are able to do a full radiological examination.

  • Dental examination (consolation, control exam, drawing a treatment plan, cancer screening of oral cavity) HUF 3000
  • Intra-oral dental x-ray HUF 2000
  • Digital panoramic x-ray HUF 5000
  • Checking source of inflection by a panoramic x-ray HUF 8000


Aesthetical dentistry, Preservative dentistry, prosthetic dentistry


Although aesthetical dentistry is considered to be a basic tendency nowadays, some dental surgeries use it only for marketing purposes. In our dental surgery it means treating different tooth-related problems following the most professional principals and trends, listening to our clients’ wishes, using the best quality dental materials and equipments in order to get to the most aesthetic solution – causing no pain to clients.

  • Professional teeth whitening in our surgery with using the latest technology HUF 60000
  • Whitening out of the surgery office (Opalescence with the whole set of equipment) HUF 60000
  • Whitening endodontically treated tooth HUF 10000
  • ‘Smile design’ planning your smile with a personal consultation
  • Aesthetical tooth filling (3M Filtek Ultimate) HUF 10000-14000
  • Endodontic therapy – trepanation/closing with medicine HUF 5000
  • Root canal analyzation, reaming root canal HUF 3000
  • Root canal obturation HUF 7000–13000
  • Removing root canal obturation HUF 6000
  • Building tooth with aesthetic glass fibred root canal pivot HUF 15000
  • Aesthetical inlay Art Glass HUF 28000
  • Aesthetic inlay made from gold HUF 30000 (cost of gold is not included)
  • Shell prepared in the surgery HUF 20000
  • Aesthetic shell from ceramic HUF 40000
  • Ceramo-metallic crowned HUF 30000
  • Non-metallic ceramics crowned HUF 45000
  • Circonium-oxid ceramics crowned using CAD-CAM technology HUF 60000
  • Removing crown/ partial denture per each tooth abutment HUF 4000
  • Partial layered removable dental prosthesis HUF 90000
  • High precision anchor for temporary removable prosthesis HUF 40000
  • Complete denture prosthesis HUF 80000
  • Rebasing of denture HUF 20000
  • Correction of denture HUF 8000
  • Occlusal appliance HUF 20000
  • Temporary plastic crown HUF 4000–6000
  • Re-sticking of crown HUF 4000–12000
  • Building implant (AB Dental/Denti System) HUF 35000
  • Building implant (MIS) HUF 35000


Oral surgery, periodontal treatments


Hearing ‘oral surgery’ reminds us unpleasant experiences. However with us you can have a sigh of relief: in our surgery room you do not need to be afraid. In Dental Family Center we do pain-free treatments, with no inconveniences, whether local anesthetic or narcosis.

  • Traction HUF 5000
  • Removing cracked dental root HUF 10000
  • Extraction of tooth by operation HUF 20000
  • Extraction of wisdom tooth by operation HUF 20000–30000
  • Root apex resection HUF 25000
  • Retrograde root filling (MTA HUF 20000
  • Implantation (AB Dental/Denti System) HUF 90000
  • Implantation (MIS) HUF 120000
  • Sinus-lift operation (with closed, synthetic bone) HUF 50000
  • Sinus-lift operation (open) HUF 50000 (excluded synthetic bone)
  • Other ostheoplasthical treatments for implants HUF 50000 + (excluded synthetic bone)
  • Relieving implant HUF 10000
  • Removing leukokeratosis (white sport lesion) with surgical laser HUF 20000
  • Other types of oral surgery HUF 15000-30000
  • Calculus (dental stone) removal, polish on mandible and maxilla HUF 10000
  • Treatment of professional oral hygiene HUF 15000
  • Periodontal therapy – closed curetting, each tooth HUF 4000
  • Open curetting each tooth HUF 10000
  • Reconstructing gingival retraction HUF 35000
  • Soft laser treatment HUF 3000 / occasion
  • Periodontal therapy with laser (whole mouth) HUF 30000




Invisible orthodontics:

  • 3D planning HUF 50000
  • Orthodontic removable splint HUF 30000 / each
  • Control, new splint HUF 5000 / each occasion

Prices of other kinds of traditional orthodontic treatments are to be discussed.


Dentistry via anesthesiology


  • Intubation narcosis assisted by an anesthesiologist and an assistant HUF 30000 / charged every half an hour
  • Postoperative observation in the surgery room with a nurse HUF 10000 / hour
    (length is established by the anesthesiologist)
  • Filling the tooth cavity in the awaken state of mind HUF 5000
  • Premising abutment for fixed prosthesis for tooth abutment HUF 5000 / each

* The prices of normal treatments are raised with 10% in case of anesthesiology operations.




The prices mentioned are only for information; the final price is always stated after a consultation. Regulars are allowed to have discount. For more information please turn to your doctor.

In our Dental Center you are allowed to pay with many types of health insurance cards. You can get more information when check in, or from our assistants.