Dental anesthesia

Nowadays many people are so afraid of any dental intervention or operative dentistry that even a single examination can make them feel terrified let alone treatments; especially anesthetic injections.


For these people we can provide the best solution, which is unique in Székesfehérvár: dental anesthesia. Using this method you can go through all kinds of treatments, which may have unpleasant effects on the patient without any inconveniences.


These interventions are not held in an ordinary dental surgery room, but in a modern and perfectly sterile surgical operating theatre in order to provide our patients total safety. Operations are carried out by chief anesthetists with great practice, and well experienced operative dentists. Anesthesia is also recommended in case of nausea caused by major fear, or if the patient would like to have more dental interventions done in a short period of time that either it would be too hard to handle in an awaken state, or too much dose of anesthetic would be needed.


Any kind of dental treatment can be done by anesthesia, from a simple teeth-filling to a more complicated operative dentistry (surgical extraction of a tooth or wisdom tooth, dental implants).


If you would like to take advantage of our services, please do not hesitate to contact our dentist colleagues personally, or on the phone (+36 20 263 7771) and visit at our office for a consultation. The Life Dental Centrum is a well-prepared team consisting of dentists that aim to solve any kind of dental problems using the latest technology and facing no pain.